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Exterior of a beautiful grey historic home with shingle siding and large hydrangea flowers around the home.

restore my block
challenge grant

The Restore My Block Challenge Grant program in Springfield encourages exterior home improvements in historic neighborhoods, fostering community collaboration and offering reimbursement of up to $2,500 for visible street projects. Eligible neighborhoods include Doling Park East, Fassnight, Grant Beach, Meador Park East, and Woodland Heights, with applications accepted from March 20 to September 30.

program goals


Encourage reinvestment in Springfield’s historic neighborhoods


Improve Springfield’s housing stock with a neighbor-by-neighbor approach


Create a wave of reinvestment and renewed community pride


Unite neighbors to improve the physical appearance of SGF’s neighborhoods.

Eligible Neighborhoods

The Restore My Block Challenge Grant Program will open March 20 for applications from the following neighborhoods:

A multi-story historic victorian home that could use some exterior remodeling.

How it works

Steps to participate & receive reimbursement


Eligibility Criteria and Project Scope:

  • Most exterior home improvement projects visible from the street qualify for reimbursement, up to $2,500.

  • Neighbor teams consist of 5 to 19 members.

  • Participants must be able to see their next team member’s home from their front door.

  • Eligible projects include landscaping, concrete work, exterior painting, siding, roofing, window repair/replacement, and storm windows.


Application Process:

Teams submit applications to Restore SGF staff, including a group application, individual Scope of Work forms, "before" photos, and contractor bids (if applicable).


Completion and Reimbursement:

  • After project completion, team members fill out reimbursement forms, attaching receipts, invoices, and "after" photos.

  • Only materials/work purchased after approval are eligible for reimbursement.


Reimbursement Guidelines:

  • Each team member must be the homeowner occupant.

  • Teams of 5 to 9 members can receive up to $1,000 reimbursement per member or 50% of the total cost, whichever is less.

  • Teams of 10 to 19 members can receive up to $2,500 reimbursement per member or 50% of the total cost, whichever is less.

  • Each team member must be the occupant and owner of record, current on property taxes, and in compliance with city maintenance codes.


Review and Decision:

Restore SGF staff review projects and make decisions, typically two weeks after deadline.


Submission and Processing:

Completed reimbursement forms are submitted to Restore SGF for processing.

The Restore My Block Challenge Grant is a competitive grant program with priority given to applications that best meet factors such as the Restore SGF mission, program requirements, complete and thorough applications, neighborhood impact, teamwork, and other factors; while funding is available.


Apply Today!

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis between March 20 to September 30.

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